4 Tips For Making A Residential Move

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When you move to a new home and hire a residential moving company, you'll probably pay by weight for your move. You might pay extra also for things that are hard to move, such as a pool table or piano. That might give you an incentive to get rid of as much stuff as you can so you can lower your moving costs. Here are four more tips for using a residential moving company.

1. Consider Moving On A Weekday

When you call a moving company, compare their rates for different days and different times of the year. If you have some leeway with your moving dates and you're trying to save money, you might try moving on a weekday rather than a weekend and during the school year rather than over the summer.

Movers are often busy during the summer, and you might even find it more difficult to book the dates you want then. Moving during a slower time for movers could mean you'll get a better deal.

2. Take Advantage Of Residential Moving Services

If convenience is your objective rather than low cost, consider letting the moving service pack all your belongings for you. If you're too busy to get packed in advance and moving day is fast approaching, let the moving company send a crew to your home to pack everything up and get your boxes ready to put on the truck. Letting the movers pack your belongings is the easiest way to handle moving to a new home.

3. Scout For Used Boxes

It's best to buy boxes meant for moving, especially when you're packing fragile things. You may even be able to buy the boxes from your moving company. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on boxes you'll just throw out, scout around for used ones. People who've recently moved often have stacks of boxes they want to get rid of and will just give away or sell at a steep discount.

Start looking early, as you might not find used boxes at the last minute. You can look on neighborhood apps for people giving away boxes and even post that you're in need of boxes in good shape for your move. You might get most of the boxes you need for free, and then you may only need to buy specialty boxes for your most fragile belongings.

4. Don't Leave Anything Until The Last Minute

You should be ready to move well before moving day to avoid last-minute stress. Book your moving company early, decide on what moving services you want to utilize, gather all your moving supplies, and start packing well in advance.

If you're moving far away, don't forget things like getting medical and school records and making plans to turn on and shut off utilities. Even though the moving company handles all the hard labor involved with moving, you still have a lot of things to do, so don't put off getting started or you may be stressed out and panicking as moving day gets closer.

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